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IP Law, Trade Mark & Copyright

Your intellectual property (IP) rights protect important assets in your business, including who you are and what you think.

You need intellectual property advice that is both practical and up to date. We make sure our customers understand their rights and responsibilities. Our lawyers are well versed in current technological developments and the legal impact of these developments on clients' intellectual property.

Protection of IP

We understand that your intellectual property may be your business's most valuable asset. Whether you need help registering a trademark, drafting a confidentiality agreement or preparing a contract to protect your copyright, we have the experience and up-to-date knowledge to ensure that your intellectual property is protected, especially in the ever-changing digital world.

Infringement of IP

If you suspect or discover that someone has copied your work without your permission, or attempted to exploit your business status for profit, they may be in breach of one or more of the laws or your common law rights. Therefore, you have the right to take a number of legal actions to protect your interests, including applying for an injunction and seeking financial damages.

We often help clients who need to take swift action to ensure that infringement does not continue and want appropriate compensation.

Licence of IP

There is no question that your IP is one of your most important assets. You may have the opportunity to license or even assign it to someone else for use. If you do, then you need to protect the integrity of your intellectual property and make sure you get paid appropriately.

We can assist in preparing appropriate licenses or intellectual property transfers to fully protect your rights.

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